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. >>> here's reaction. >> he changed the mentality of the poor people. venezuela, it's like most of the countries in latin america, you know, we are crowded, poor people, they don't have education. they don't know, you know, who can be bad or who can be worse. he could change -- of everyone. he took power of the country. he -- so i really think again, that he deserved it. >> more reaction from caracas, as nbc's mark potter, thanks for being with us. chavez coming to power t. the poor in the hills or the -- that ride over your shoulders. how are the poor versus others reacting today? >> reporter: well, the poor are reacting with sorrow and i think we're going to see a lot of that very shortly. at first the reaction here was one where people were somber. a lot of people didn't believe he had died, even though he had been sick for a couple years, and the news about his condition was worsening. when he finally died. people just couldn't believe it. in part that's because of the his largest than life personality. he was 58 years old. people have a heart time with that. the quiteude we
the republican party needs to change its ways. >> let's be clear about one thing, we're not here to rebrand the party. we're here to rebuild a country. >> way too many people believe republicans are anti-ingrants. anti-women. anti-science, anti-gay, anti-worker and the list goes on and on and on. >> for the last three weeks, conservatives have been winning. >> the gop of old has grown stale and moss-covered. i don't think we need to name many names. >> i want to bring in washington bureau chief of the chicago sun-times, lynn sweet, as well as as politics reporter jackie kucinich. we'll start with you, one of the first recommendations in this report, almost 100 pages, it says, quote, the perception that the gop does not care about people is doing great harm to the party and its candidates on the federal level, especially in presidential years. it is a major deficiency that must be addressed. end quote. so, lynn, after reading this and hearing this do you think this new rnc plan is going to help? >> well, some of the structural changes that the chairman is proposing may help, especially havin
, washington bureau chief of t"th washington post." we've talked about how attitudes have changed. you look at the polls and the politicians. do you have a sense -- what do you think, ryan? why is this all happening now? >> why did everything move so quickly? >> why the sea change? yeah. >> i think actually, karl rove ironically deserves a lot of the credit for it. in 2004, the republican party put a bunch of anti-gay marriage issues on different state ballots to drive out evangelical voters. what it did is it took an issue that had not necessarily been partisan before and turned it into a deeply part son one. that meant that democrats now had to decide whether they were against gay marriage, for gay marriage, for civil unions, against civil unions. as soon as you make the democratic party decide on a civil rights issue, they will shift eventually -- it's going to take some time, but they will eventually get there. what you saw is rapidly over the next several years, the democratic party moved in favor of gay marriage. once gay marriage then became legalized in different states, people went
come later and try to change hearts and minds. >> there was an interesting poll that just came out. it was a daily newspaper there. they found 38% believe he is hostile to israel. 14% think he is indifferent. only one-third believe that he is supportive. i wonder what you think is the strategy there? is it sort of like in the united states, if he can't get something through congress he goes directly to the people? >> i think that'll be part of it. the situation in israel sort of represents one of the fundamental miscalculations of the obama presidency, which was that when he came into office he thought, and a lot of his advisers thought, they'd be able to make a dent there by sheer force of will and personality and by being kind of this unifying figure. and, of course, diplomacy is more complicated than that. and the peace process there has been stalled for years. so i think that the reason they're lowering expectations is because they don't expect that much to happen on this trip. i think he is going there more as a box checking exercise than hoping to make any kind of serious str
, is now offering to plead guilty next change for life behind bars. holmes' lawyers want to avoid the death penalty. and jared loughner is the shooter who killed six people and wounded gabby giffords. his parents took away the shotguns and dabisabled his cart night so he couldn't leave. david, the white house has tried to use political capital to pass gun legislation. what are we expecting to hear from the president in the next hour? >> i think he's going to make the same statements as before and tie what happened in newtown to what he's trying to do and hammer home some of the main points, whether he may or may not get some of the biggest issues he's going for, like a ban on high-capacity magazines, a ban on assault weapons. it's not going to happen probably but he's going to push hard on background checks and make this a personal case again. with the family members. that's been his most powerful, you know, sort of point so far. he did it right after the shooting, as you nopknow, and i think the white house will hit home the same message. >> and you're reporting that senator chuck grassley
, the approval of the keystone pipeline, and it opens federal lands for drilling. major changes for medicare and medicaid. by 2024, medicaid patients would be able to choose between medicaid and a private plan. it also includes means testing for wealthy seniors. as for medicaid, that becomes part of a block grant program that would be administered by states. let me bring in "usa today's" washington bureau chief, susan page, and perry bacon. i want to start with paul ryan who laid out a lot of details in this op-ed in the "wall street journal" today. here's part of what he writes. "the truth is, the nation's death is a sign of overreach. government is trying to do too much, and when government does too much, it doesn't do anything well. so a balanced budget is a reasonable goal, because it returns government to its proper limits and focus." this seems, susan, pretty consistent with the position that republicans have had. so is there more a statement of what the republicans want, sort of a show piece here? >> it's interesting, chris, we've seen in the last week or two some better, more biparti
the gavel. they are changing the tone in the committee and they are doing it by taking a more wholistic approach to what armed services means. for example, this issue which is really important and in addition to those three women who are now on the subcommittees on the armed services committee, you have claire mccaskill who was very outspoken this week about the incident that representative braley described. >> kristen gillibrand right now. leon panetta used this to put new rules into place and chuck hagel is looking into this case that we mentioned earlier. what do you think? does the legislation have a thought? >> i think it will be an early test for chuck hagel. this was a big issue for some of the key senators who are here, like barbara boxer, claire mccaskill, those senators really made this an issue for hagel and he said, look, i am going to make this a priority in terms of looking at whether or not the military justice system needs to be reformed. and now he's got -- now he's got a decision to make because pressure is certainly going to build from this hearing today and legislati
or if public opinion would influence the supreme court. on day marriage we have seen the change in public opinion. it almost feels like they were messaging the exact opposite. they seemed to be concerned about moving too fast. >> that's a reasonable concern if you're the court. people have talked about whether the court moved too fast, for example, in the abortion decision, when the court in 1967 finally said it was unconstitutional for virginia and other states to have rules against interracial marriage. it was after waiting for a number of years and kind of putting off that decision as -- while a number of states change their laws and sort of public opinion caught up with it. i thought yesterday's arguments were really fascinating. not just for getting a glimpse -- and it is dangerous, you get insight for not just getting a glimpse of where justices may be going, but also in terms of how dramatically the debate over gay rights has shifted. you had the lawyer defending prop 8 arguing that california should be able to prohibit same-sex marriage, saying also that he couldn't see any justif
. >> are they talking about it because it helps them politically or do they really think they're going to change something. >> absolutely they're talking about it because it helps them politically. they're talking to the far right of their base that really wants obamacare repealed. the problem here is that there's a practical element that they're overlooking or not talking about, which is the sheer magnitude of changing the u.s. health care system. you know, to a certain degree, the train has already left the station. republican governors in key states are resisting it. it could get even more so. but for republicans to really repeal obamacare, they're going to have to win the white house, and, you know, that's not -- their next opportunity is not for another three and a half years. >> so it does seem like the fight is moving to the states. health and human services secretary said that republican governors will eventually expand medicate because the benefits are too big to ignore. and we have seen a few big republican governors try to sign on. rick scott tried to do it in florida. although others
. >> perry, money can buy you ads. will it change any votes in congress say on gun control? >> these issues are all different. howard schultz and gay marriage, lots of americans are becoming more progay marriage. yochk he will make either an issue because people are already deciding pro-gay marriage, republican senators are coming out for gay marriage. that issue seems to be decided for most of the american public. immigration also will pass, not because of mark zuckerberg, but a lot feel they have to appeal to latinos. on the republican issue, the money could make a difference. what mayor bloomberg wants to do is influence a few democrats, mark prior of arkansas, mary landri landrieu, they might support background checks. these ads may make a difference in one of those states. >> let me play one of the ads so people know what we are talking about. >> for me, guns are for hunting and protecting my family. i believe in the second amendment and i'll fight to protect it. but with rights come responsibilities. that's why i support comprehensive background checks so criminals and dangerously men
regulation of guns seems to be as powerful as it's ever been, as though nothing has really changed since three months ago. >> the president is planning to go to colorado next week to continue this push for new legislation. he seemed to be speaking off the cuff and was very emotional himself yesterday with those newtown families. let me play a little clip from the president yesterday. >> i read an article in the news just the other day wondering is washington -- has washington missed its opportunity because as time goes on after newtown, somehow people start moving on and forgetting. let me tell you, the people here they don't forget. grace's dad's not forgetting. less than a hundred days ago that happened. and the entire country was shocked and the entire country pledged we would do something about it and this time would be different. shame on us if we've forgotten. i haven't forgotten those kids. shame on us if we've forgotten. >> casey, again, very powerful stuff. the reality is something very different, though. and we've seen what the nra has been able to mobilize. obviously the force
of things and the issues may change from year to year, but the principles of liberty and freedom, and we have to do a better job of talking about those. >> many critics would say that. and this morning, senator rob portman reversing his stance of same-sex marriage, because he has said that his son is gay in a "columbus dispatch" op-ed. he said that we believe in minimal government interference in the personal lives and we believe the family unit to be the fundamental building block of society, and with we should also consider people's long term commitments to each other. do you believe this will change the conversation? >> well, i think that it will continue to dialogue and the discussion. i know that if anybody who knows rob portman knows that he is sincere and honest and cares about his family and passionate and all of the positive things, and this is heart felt and he believes it. gosh, more power to him. he believes that, and i respect him for it. >> and will this stay a decision made by each lawmaker and every republican for specific families would you say and for you? >> yeah. i yo
really don't like each other. could this be an opportunity to change that or at least move it in the other direction? >> listen, chris, we have watched this dysfunctional relationship ever since the president was elected. there's no doubt that netanyahu preferred romney over obama in the last election. but the fact of the matter is, the president understands as well as netanyahu that the two of them are facing what essentially is israel's greatest peril in the next year, and that is iran's potential nuclear weaponization. and both countries are tied at the hip inso far as what happens to iran. if iran decides to proceed, well, both israel and the united states might find themselves in a conflict against iran. and so there's got to be a better relationship between these two men. not only with respect to iran, but also with respect to israel's growing challenges on its borders, particularly in lebanon with hezbollah in the south with gaza and egypt and, of course, with syria. the last thing that the united states wants is for netanyahu and the israeli people the belief that t
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could change? and if so, how? >> i think things can change. the destruction caused by sequestration will gradually get worse. ooup you'll see a gradual rac t rachetlirache ratcheting up of the disruption. that's inevitable when you try to cut $110 billion out of the federal budget in a very short period of time. the nonpartisan congressional budget office has said that we will lose 750,000 american jobs as a result of this. in other words, there will be that many fewer jobs in this country. when you've got a slow economy, that is a very big deal and that doesn't happen overnight, but it builds over time. so i do hope our republican colleagues come to their senses and are willing to replace these across the board and very deep and fast cuts with a more gradual effort to reduce the deficit in a balanced way. >> that cbo report notwithstanding, congressman, as you know, there are some happy republicans. they think, frankly, the president overplayed his hand when he laid out see zester sna sequester scenarios, for example, this claim that capitol hill janitors will have to take a pay c
allows me to live. you just start to make small changes that lead up to something incredible. my name is lyndsey, and i lost 129 pounds on weight watchers. i wish i would have done weight watchers so much sooner. [ hudson ] the power to lose weight like never before. the new weight watchers 360 program. hurry join for free now. offer ends march 16th. weight watchers. because it works. >>> good morning. i'm chris jansing live at the vatican. one last day of meetings before the election of the next pope, and it's drawing a lot of comparisons to american politics. that story coming up. but let's start today's show with the more familiar politics, back in washington, where the battle today is over the budget. the president will meet with lawmakers on all sides of the debate this week. senate and house, democrats and republicans, in an attempt to revive a grand bargain. and the white house may now be open to tweaking social security and medicare in exchange for tax reform. now, the timing could be right this time. senator patty murray is pushing democrats toward passing their first budget
to deliver the changes they hoped for. it's something i asked new york cardinal timothy dolan about just a short time ago. >> the issues that americans talk about most. >> sure. >> things like gay marriage and lbgt rights and celibacy for priests and contraception, they're expressing disappointment because they feel he won't move the church in what they see as a forward direction. what would you say to those americans and catholics? >> if people who are disappointed, they probably have -- it's probably an accurate sentiment. he's not going to change anything on that. but you listen to what the people are asking for as well. they're asking for a sense of hope. they're asking for trust. they're asking to be uplifted. >> i'm joined by hose diaz the anchor of telemundtelemundo. >> father john -- and elizabeth, at duquesne university's campus. on a windy morning. good morning to all of you. >>> what are the immediate challenges do you think, liz, for the new pope pran sfrancis? >> must be that shell shock of coming out on that balcony. he was right in front of him. the problems and issues are
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they approach all of this. so john boehner, letting these bills come to the floor, is this a total change in the way the house operates? what does it say to you about how we're going to go forward? >> well, you know, the center of the electorate can hope how both the senate operate. it's a recipe for gridlock and it's a significant part of the reason why we haven't seen, you know, much progress out of washington and why the center of the electorate looks at washington and says it's broken. because in the hastert rule, it's total power on behalf of the party and that's not what our government is supposed to be. so i actually think this is an interesting development. i agree that we need to wait and see what boehner's going to do going forward but i think the white house could look at this and see, well maybe, yeah, maybe the white house will be able to get something done. >> maybe an opening there. liz, david, have a great weekend. thank you. >> thank you, chris. >>> mitt romney in his first interview since the presidential election comparing his campaign to a roller coaster ride. >> we we
pope is. >> and i think, you know, we see that in the catholic church in america. you see these changes. but globally, and people are looking to this next pope here in america to be different. it's a numbers game. isn't it, e.j.? just 6% of the global church is american and where it's growing in places like latin america and africa, it's far more conservative. >> it is and it isn't. when you look at the possible popes, the two front runners, to the extent they are, these are from the first world and they probably are pretty pure, in my terms, communion or conservative catholics. some of the more liberal candidates, you know, liberal i use guardedly, you know, that's a pretty conservative bunch who are gathering. ravazi is italian. other than the, from brazil he could be on the more conservative side of the camp. i don't think these work perfectly, but i thought that interview, the key is a hold in the church. and father radcliff, who i quote in the piece says how everybody feels a little more homeless. on the other side, they want to change the church and say, i won't be at home here an
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21